Donald Fagan - Sunken Condos (2012)

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Picked up in London for about £2 or $3.80 in NZ currency. That’s a lot of great music for less than a cup of coffee. And I tell you what - I’d love to have this as my cafe music when I’m consuming my flat white.

What you do get is predictable. But that’s a measure of quality more than complacency. He and his great band are in top form.

A great post work blow out with The Don!

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Donald Fagan - Morph The Cat (2006)

Donald Fagan - Morph The Cat (2006)

Play that funky music white boy! This is great for a Friday night cleaning out my den upstairs. Never one to deviate from his vintage and well oiled template, it’s still comforting that he remains this consistently good.