Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids (1980)

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[Original 1980 Japanese pressing from Lo Cost Vinyl in Jackson Street, Petone]

I just spent the weekend in Wellington and restricted my purchases (with the utmost of restraint I must say!) to just four items. Now that’s a minor miracle.

  • Japan “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” (vinyl)
  • Gary Numan “Splinter” (CD)
  • Porcupine Tree “Deadwing” (vinyl)
  • Jethro Tull “Living In The Past” (vinyl)

I also realised while listening to this record that all of those bands/artists I recently acquired are quite closely linked to each other.

  • Gary Numan recorded with Mick Karn of Japan
  • Richard Barbieri was a member of Japan AND Porcupine Tree
  • Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree has remastered many of Jethro Tull’s records.

Today I also secured two pre-sale tickets to see Steven Wilson’s three hour extravaganza in Auckland on November 12th. Well bugger me it’s a mixed up, connected old world.

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