David Bowie - Outside (1995)

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I’m actively re-assessing Bowie’s records since 1980’s “Scary Monsters”. I have openly stated my apparent unwillingness to accept there was still genius lurking past “Ashes To Ashes”

This isn’t Covid-19 related cabin fever talking either, it’s a genuine regret that I’ve followed the sway of the critics rather than making up my own mind. (OK, I’m by know means a Trump supporter, but see some of his points regarding “fake news”!)

This record is a great place to start as I already have a secret more-than-like affection for this record.

For this record he brought back a lot of his old musicians and old friend Brian Eno. Musicians include Mike Garson (his keyboards haunt proceedings throughout), Carlos Alomar and Reeves Grabels.

The three standout tracks for me are “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson”, “Spaceboy” and “I’m Deranged” but in it’s entirety, this really is one of his lost treasures.

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