Fetus Productions - Reproductions (2002)

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It’s NZ Music Month so it’s probably apt to play a few of my favourites over the next month.

Now this is definitely not your typical 80’s New Zealand band. Fetus Productions were a fairly obscure collective using electronic samplers and found noises in the mold of Cabaret Voltaire, This Mortal Coil and other 4AD bands.

They featured a few times on “Radio With Pictures” and/or “The Grunt Machine” where I first encountered them and they had a huge impact. They also scared the bejesus out of me!

The track “Flicker” remains one of my all time favourite NZ tracks.

Listening to this compilation tonight they sound as fresh and completely bonkers as they did back then.

If you can find an original bit of vinyl or even one of their CDs, expect to pay a pretty penny.

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