David Bowie - Tonight (1984)

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I’ve taken a BIG gamble of late with the purchase of another big Bowie box which arrived at my door this very morning. Weighing 7kg and including 15 vinyl records, and impeccable packaging, it’s the forth in the series so far.

“Loving The Alien - 1983 - 1988” includes inarguably his least creative output as Bowie went mega star! That means compromise and while it’s clearly in evidence here with one of the most 80’s sounding pop records ever, it still doesn’t mean it’s complete rubbish.

Other artists would kill for some of these songs, but because it’s Bowie finally and deservingly playing the big pop star on the world’s stage, he cops all of the flak.

Enjoyable, entertaining and utterly non-essential but as a Bowie completist, FOMO reigns supreme.

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David Bowie - Outside (1995)

I’m actively re-assessing Bowie’s records since 1980’s “Scary Monsters”. I have openly stated my apparent unwillingness to accept there was still genius lurking past “Ashes To Ashes” This isn’t Covid-19 related cabin fever talking either, it’s a genuine regret that I’ve followed the sway of the critics rather than making up my own mind.