David Bowie - Let's Dance (1983)

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If you started your Bowie introduction with this record, that would be a bit unfortunate but palatable at least.

It was definitely the beginning of the slide into his own level of mediocrity that lasted the next 10 years. In it’s defence however, it’s a pretty decent record with three of his strongest songs ever kicking things off.

Not high up on the Bowie register but worth a listen every so often.

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David Bowie - Outside (1995)

I’m actively re-assessing Bowie’s records since 1980’s “Scary Monsters”. I have openly stated my apparent unwillingness to accept there was still genius lurking past “Ashes To Ashes” This isn’t Covid-19 related cabin fever talking either, it’s a genuine regret that I’ve followed the sway of the critics rather than making up my own mind.