The Pineapple Thief - Versions Of The Truth (2020)

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Following on from my rave about Mr. Steven Wilson’s wrath from passionate fans of a very specific genre of musical stasis, this band will certainly not disappoint them and might even appease more than a few of the old fickle Porcupine Tree proggers.

This is what Porcupine Tree might have sounded like if they’d stuck around. It’s not surprising, The Tree’s wonderfully talented Gavin Harrison is their full time drummer and demonstrates here what a fabulously talented drummer he is.

Despite the obvious acceptance by the Progressive Music fraternity, over it’s 10 wonderful tracks, this record is a rich and thoroughly rewarding experience that would tick the boxes of multi genres.

As with all KScope recordings, the 24/96 stereo on Blu-Ray sounds truly magical.

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