Belly - Bees (2021)

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Awesome B-Sides collection on spectacular “honey” coloured vinyl. Just fantastic to have this.

One of my favourite songs of all time on one of my favourite albums of all time, is the wonderful “Not Too Soon”, sung by Tanya Donelly on “The Real Ramona”. This album is Throwing Muse’s masterpiece.

It was also Tanya Donelly’s swan song. She left soon after the release to form this band, Belly. She also found time to work with Kim Deal as a member of The Breeders. Not a bad CV eh?!

Two of my greatest life experiences was seeing Throwing Muses (along with Tanya Donelly) in London and on another occasion, a very early Breeders gig (along with Tanya Donelly) in Wellington.

Stunning, lady led brilliance.

Tanya Donelly is now a fully qualified postpartum doula.

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