Mew - Plus Minus (2017)

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This Danish band is just extraordinary. Their record, 2005’s “And the Glass Handed Kites” is an epic masterpiece that demands at least a yearly, uninterrupted aural immersion.

“Comporting Sounds”, all 9 minutes of it, from 2003’s “Frengers” is one of the most perfect anthems I’ve ever heard.

Seemingly a band that can do no wrong, this record just continues to reinforce that.

Not really having any motivation to play much this evening, I immediately reached for Mew. What a fabulous choice!

BTW Kiwi Kimbra sings on the track “The Night Believer”.

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Mew - Visuals (2017)

Mew - Visuals (2017)

Mew don’t tend to stream stuff, so this demanded the purchase of their shiny new CD expertly tracked down on my recent trip to Wellington.