Janne Schaffer - Katharsis (1976

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This mid-70’s gem from Sweden’s own/only guitar-swinger Janne Schaffer, has finally come back home to me. I thank you Martin.

Having given 100’s of records away at the turn of the century, I do have ongoing regrets about it. Like a lot of people, vinyl records became a thing of the past.

While not wanting to mitigate the stupidity of that decision I am left wondering what ever happened to my records.

A very pleasant surprise happened last evening at our November “Shut Up And Listen” sessions when Martin presented 10 of those well kept LPs he picked up from the boot of my car way back yonder.

And its a goodie. I discovered this record as a 16 year old. Already turned on by Jeff Beck’s “Blow By Blow” and “Wired”, this was another fine rock-fusion record. It still sound great.

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