David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise (1992)

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My life is complete (again!). Having loudly proclaimed this fact already this week when I recieved Volume 2 of the fabulous “Deutsche Elektronische Musik”, things got even better today.

David Bowie’s “Brilliant Adventure 1992-2001” arrived via courier in a massive package from JB-Hifi Auckland. This is the 5th Bowie Box in the series and definitely the biggest of the lot, containing 18 LPs.

Thanks to JB-Hifi’s “Black Friday Sale” AND unrelenting perseverance in ordering this on their website, I ended up with a truly bargain price. And I’m beyond stoked!

The first record of this volume is one I’ve played very fleetingly over the years and gets a huge kick in the pants with a tasteful remaster and finally available on vinyl. And it sounds absolutely stunning.

Teaming up with Nile Rogers, it’s a jazzy, funky, uplifting affair that is more in line with his slick Young Americans and Let’s Dance records.

Sadly, Mick Ronson, who rejoins Bowie for a cover of Cream’s “I Feel Free” died a year later in 1993.

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