Neon Neon - Praxis Makes Perfect (2013)

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One of my pet peeves when buying records is the absence of plastic inner sleeves.

Most of the paper inserts, glossy or otherwise, that come with the majority of new records these days, are as good as useless.

It’s a fucking travesty when you are paying top dollar for vinyl these days. You might as well put records in sand paper.

That bug bear aside, this is Super Furry Animal Gryf Rhys and Boom Bip’s Bryan Hollon combining to delivery some top notch pop music.

If I was in the right mood, this would be magic, it’s a bit less so this evening with my end-of-year seasonal affect syndrome at it’s zenith.

The Bevis Frond’s “You’re On Your Own” helped blow the cobwebs away. Phew.

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