Princess Chelsea - Lil's Golden Book (2011)

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At this time of year who wants to overthink the previous 12 months? For most of us it’s been a proper, global annus horribilis. A year best forgotten.

A certain amount of quiet reflection is called for this evening and an acknowledgement of those simple, taken-for-granted things. God things could be so much worse.

This special little record from Chelsea Nikkel is just the tonic. Naïve, but incredibly catchy little electronic ditties which dive deep into Kiwi life.

Her take on Kiwi travel is especially relevant, if you can get home that is.

We skimp, we save. We go overseas. We leave those behind who gives us what we need.In two years we return with a sigh of relief. But we say it was better.

Now fuck off 2021!

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