Trees Speak - OHMS (2020)

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I’ve been waiting a long time to find this record. This is the first (proper) record by Tuscon, Arizona duo Trees Speak.

Prolific over the last few years, they have produced another 3 great records since this one.

While there’s a banjo to be found deep in one track, you couldn’t get further away in sound from the country twang of redneck USA.

It’s all analogue synths and there’s a distinct Krautrock/Tangerine Dream feel. It’s refreshingly old school.

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Trees Speak - Shadow Forms (2020)

Trees Speak - Shadow Forms (2020)

Even though the world has gone completely bonkers, this sounds perfectly out of place and refreshingly unhinged. Heavily influenced by Krautrock, “Bitches Brew” Mile Davis and spooky soundtrack music for non-existent horror movies, it’s a bit disconcerting to say the least.