Various Artists - Pillows And Prayers (1982)

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I’ve just spent the last week or so travelling up North between Wellington and Hawkes Bay.

After giving up hope of finding any decent stand-alone records shops I found an amazing little treasure trove in Waipawa, Central Hawkes Bay.

Tony the owner/hoarder of this store, “Passionate About Vinyl” is a complete vinyl nerd and equally passionate about the equipment associated with playing it.

He’s a cash only guy and won’t do online stuff so it’s pot luck.

It also requires that you climb over speakers and other equipment to get to his stash of vinyl, but it’s well worth the effort.

As well as several other really hard-to-find records, I picked up this absolute gem of a record.

Originally sold for 99 cents as a near-giveaway record sampler, it’s a wonderful snapshot of early 80’s post punk.

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