The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute (2005)

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This second long recording from The Mars Volta takes things even further, if that’s at all possible, into more unchartered territory.

It’s prog, it’s jazz, it’s certainly not in any way conventional, but most importantly, it’s a stunning experience to sit and actively listen to this from start to finish.

The package it comes in is equally brilliant. Pressed on rich red vinyl over 5 sides of vinyl (the 6th side is etched) in a beautiful triple gatefold jacket, it really is superb.

To ensure there’s continuity over all of it’s tracks (that really just meld one into each other), there’s no run-out track except on the last side.

At the end of each side, one to four, it just keeps going in an endless loop until you pick it up and drop it on the other side. Brilliant!

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