Depeche Mode - Exciter (2001)

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The argument about vinyl vs digital media is thrown right out the window when you stick a remuxed, DVD-Audio disc such as this into a half-decent media player.

The moment the full on mids and treble hits your ears and the bass rumbles your viscera, you know why you’ve kept the good stuff.

This CD/DVD set is one of many Hi-Res discs that I’ve held onto knowing that this really is the benchmark for fabulous sound.

Unless you spend thousands on a high-end vinyl playing turntable, an equally expensive moving coil cartrige, multiple, tube-based audio components AND large finicky speakers, you simply can’t compare it to this.

While it’s not their best record, it sounds magnificent!

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Depeche Mode - Spirit (2017)

I’ve been listening this for a few months now via Tidal and on the strength of repeated listens I needed to own the plastic, Their best record since Violator it’s also their bit “Fuck America!