Venessa Fernandez - Use Me [SACD](2014)

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OK there’s a bit of a back story to this.

On my recent trip to Melbourne, I was adamant I was not going to contravene every carry-on cabin restriction, reinvent creative and discrete storage practices, or put my back out, smuggling hefty vinyl back to New Zealand.

Another revelation took place when venturing into several record stores in Fitzroy and beyond. The music industry’s fixation with the novelty and resurgence of vinyl has got completely stupid. And ridiculously expensive.

Enough I say. While I love my vinyl, and will continue to selectively collect and listen to it, I’m convinced there’s a conspiracy to empty one’s pockets rather than a focus on the sonic splendor of analogue recordings.

A visit to the most incredible audiophile bunker in Nunawading, where I purchased all three of Venessa Fernandez’s SACDs, further convinced me to love all of the various means of achieving the same goal. Musical bliss. This reference audiophile SACD is simply stunning.

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