Dinosaur Jr. - I Bet On Sky (2012)

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This is guitar heaven for alt-rock/dirgey guitar slinger freaks. J. Mascis, as on this album, remains a true shred maestro with his trusty ‘63 Fender Jazzmaster amped up to the hilt.

Actually, I did see him playing an “acoustic” solo set as an opening act for Sonic Youth in the 90’s. What I thought was going to be an acoustic, unplugged set turned out to be some of the raunchiest, squealiest, and loudest guitar playing I’ve ever heard.

Three songs in - he hit’s a foot pedal - a wah wah-heavy, bliss blizzard prevails for the next 45 minutes!!

I’m loving “A Sonic Youth” podcast - this fairly recent release is just another magic discovery revered by 20 year old Kiwi, Oliver Grey.

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