Cornelius - Point (2002)

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If you can find a better sounding CD than this, I’ll eat my entire vinyl collection.

I can’t even contemplate why you would ever listen to this on anything other than a CD or via decent streaming media. (ok, there’s a couple of DVD versions which I also own but it’s still all digital).

This sounds truly amazing with an enormous, punchy soundstage and ear melting stereo separation. However, while it’s pure ear candy, and undoubtedly a work of true genius, it’s not sustainable.

It would wear you down like a blunt stylus on the grooves of a dirty record. Just saying!

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Cornelius - Sensurround (2008)

Cornelius - Sensurround (2008)

Is this the best sounding 5.1 DTS recording on the planet? This little chunk of plastic rendered by my player and theatre system/amplifier in glorious surround sound certainly warrants that tag.