Fleetwood Mac - Mirage (1982)

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I picked up a few soon-to-be-tossed-out CDs while in Hastings over the last few days. (My Brother was having a clean out. His new, live-in caravan now demands the convenience of streaming only).

I brought back about a dozen, including this one, some Tom Petty, Greatful Dead (my first ever Dead CD), Hole, Canned Heat, The Pretenders and The Guess Who.

I thought I’d just throw this on the Oppo this afternoon for a quick sample. I ended up listening attently to the whole thing.

This 1982, post-“Tusk” record holds up surprisingly well. OK, it’s not as profoundly revolutionary as that album, nothing is. Despite this, it’s still great songwriting and ear candy.

The production is also topnotch, and it sounds fantastic listening to it via my new friend, compact disc digital audio.

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