Diana Krall - Stepping Out [HiRes](1993)

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I actually stepped into “Stepping Out” following a very informative YouTube clip offering a list of the best sounding CDs to listen to. The message was really aimed at giving the old format (ironic isn’t it!) some love.

Dianna Krall, especially her 90’s recordings, was way up there on top of that list.

The YouTube presentation was another point of view in the whole vinyl vs CD, analogue vs digital debate.

You know what, I couldn’t care less what format music comes in. The thing I focus on the most is the sound coming out of my speakers.

However, I must proclaim, that the sound currently coming out of my speakers is truly stunning. Maybe even peak goodness for soch a descerning listener as myself.

OK, not technically or physically a CD, this is actually a 24bit 96khz “flac” file residing on a portable SSD drive plugged into a streaming DAC connected to an integrated amplifier and playing out through 100w bookshelf speakers.

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