Music Monday Mania (2022)

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Another couple of days with a house full of babies equates to a huge reduction in air moving from my speakers. To make up for this absence, there are other means and methods at play to keep one highly motivated.

Event One: Lucky strike at the Red Cross store in Richmond. (Great album title that?!)

I was on another mission completely when I popped into The Red Cross second hand store (which I rarely do) and scored a swag of top notch and a somewhat ecletic seletion of CDs.

Some were even in their original wrapping. The funny thing was, the night before I had watched a YouTube clip espousing the benefits of continuing to collect CDs and finding amazing bargains.

People are literally giving them away. Thought it would never happen to me. 32 CDs later for a buck each.

Event Two: I was after a portable little speaker to travel with and to hook up to the odd device when I want some better-than-on-device listening.

Well, holy fuck. This Sonos Roam which I picked up for a bargain at Noel Leeming (mates rates, wink wink) is simply ASTOUNDING!!. No word of a lie. It is simply remarkable.

It aint cheap but worth every penny to these ears. I’m listening to a complete album (the wonderful Amatuers by Laura Jean) and it is low volume heaven.

Event Three: Listening to “The OZ Tapes” by Japanese experimental band Les Rallizes Dénudés on my commute home on the bus. Then hearing The Cure’s “The Holy Hour” playing at the supermarket.

I’ve had my fill today and there’s certainly a spring in my step this evening.

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