Psychic Ills - Hazed Dream (2011)

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There’s been a recent but gradual (r)evolution in my musical consumption of late, firstly with the introduction of headphones, but now taken to the next level with the purchase of a dedicated headphone DAC.

After being inspired by “old leather”, my old B&W headphones, I quickly appreciated the significance of opening up a whole new way of maximising my enjoyment of streaming services.

While not the most dynamic or sonically challeging record, Psychic Ills is a fabulous way to escape into ones own head. While this setup might be deemed to be “entry level” I simply cant imagine getting much better than this.

Gear used:

  • Ifi Zen DAC v2
  • B&W P7 headphones
  • Munted iPhone 8

The evolution of my listening experience continues…

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