Roger Waters - Amused to Death (1992)

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The audiophile vinyl box set of this has just been released. While I’m not at all interested in an analogue version of a digital recording, the high resolution bu-ray version will do me nicely thanks, I did watch a YouTube reveiw by German vinyl guru Michael of 45RPM Audiophile fame.

While he raved about the wonderful quality and soundstage of this re-release, he did fail to make a hugely relevant and timely statement, which he did acknowledge later.

Jeff Beck’s inventive and sinuey blues leads are all over this record.

While not definitive Beck, it is very tastefully done and lends itself nicely to the cinematic and epic scale of this album. This recording kept me fixed to my chair for its entire 72 minutes.

Just as an afterthought, imagine Jeff Beck interpreting “Comfortably Numb?

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