Trees Speak - Mind Maze (2023)

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Another all instrumental release from Tuscon’s best avant-garde, neo-psychedelic, Miles Davis Bitches Brew-era protagonists.

Absolutely made for vinyl, there’s no other way to replicate and consume their retro-70’s schtick.

This is their 5th album since 2020.

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Trees Speak - Vertigo Of Flaws (2021)

Trees Speak - Vertigo Of Flaws (2021)

Emancipation of the dissonance and temperaments in irrational wavelengths. I really couldn’t have put it better myself. Electronic music, especially post-punk retro became my staple in the early 80’s as I explored the left of mainstream with Cabaret Voltaire, early Ultravox and especially Tangerine Dream the most rewarding.