T.Rex - Electric Warrior (1971)

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It must be said, grand kids and audio equipment are not in any way compatible. Usually I have just my single black box, NAD C700 amp/streamer, Theophany speakers (woofers and tweeters - which are well protected by metal) and concealed sub, in the lounge. Thats it! Unfortunately, this will probably be the case for the next ten years until breeding has ceased and child rearing has reached civility.

Long story short, I temporarily connected my currently inconveniently unloved Project Xpression turntable and Rega phono stage up to the black box this afternoon.

Having listened to only streaming music in the lounge for the last few months I can honestly say there is simply no comparison to the richness of sound coming out of my speakers when an analogue source is involved. However, I wouldn’t dignify my brief and inconvenient vinyl fix by complaining about the grandies at the expense of quality.

Life really is a gas if that’s all I’ve got to worry about. What an amazing record by the way.

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