Oscar Peterson – Girl Talk (1968)

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A really enjoyable, laid-back 40 mins of improvisational Jazz piano

I picked this one up for $5 from Richmond Antiques - it was in overall pretty good condition, with a nice gatefold sleeve and some very minor scuffs. At $5 I thought it was worth a punt. Not really my usual thing, but I’m trying to expand my boundaries with my vinyl purchases.

It was well worth the effort.

Oscar has some unobtrusive accompaniment in the form of bass and drums, but is really his show. No vocals, just Oscar on the piano, with songs ranging from wistful, to jaunty to bluesy - all with his right-hand ranging free over the keyboard.

The stand-out track for me is “I’m in the Mood for Love” - which clocks in at over 17 mins. This starts out unaccompanied and really dreamy, with things picking up after several minutes when the rhythm section starts to kick in.

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