David's Session - Jan 24

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We welcomed Richard back into the fold, enjoyed a wide range of excellent music, and learned a few interesting facts about whales.

TWO tracks highlighting your favourite musical moments of 2023. Anything goes.

  • The Beatles - “This Boy” (Richard)
  • Scary Goldings - “Louis Cole Sucks (feat. Louis Cole, John Scofield & MonoNeon)” (Martin) Youtube
  • alt-J - “U&ME” (Bruce)
  • Everything But the Girl - “Nothing to Lose (Four Tet Remix)” (David)
  • Cowboy Junkies - “Mike Tyson (Here It Comes)” (Chris)
  • Purple Mountains - “All My Happiness is Gone” (Nathan)
  • Lainey Wilson - “Grease” (Richard)
  • Gentle Giant - “Free Hand” (Martin) Youtube
  • The Chills - “Rain” (Bruce)
  • Mitski - “Bug like an Angel” (David)
  • Will Johnson - “Along the Runner (No Ordinary Crown)” (Chris)
  • Kurt Vile - “Flyin (like a fast train)” (Nathan)

ONE track that has jump-started the new year for you. Something you’ve been listening to recently that gives you hope.

  • Victoria Monet - “On My Mama” (Richard)
  • Toyah and Robert Fripp - “Heroes (Live at Isle of Wight Festival)” (Martin) Youtube
  • Peter Gabriel - “Panopticom (Bright Side Mix)” (Bruce)
  • Suckers - “Roman Candle” (David)
  • Donald Fagen - “New Frontier” (David)
  • Califone - “Villagers” (Chris) Youtube
  • John Tavener - “The Whale” (Nathan)

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